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Warehousing Safety Tips to Protect Your Employees

Given the important role played by the humble warehouse in the entire business process, managers are constantly trying new and improved methods to boost the storeroom productivity and efficiency. However, often times they tend to forget about the grave degree of danger to which the employees in the establishment are exposed to and focus only on getting the work done on time. If you are a manager who is equally concerned about the safety of your workers and wants to do what you can to protect them workplace dangers, we are here to provide you with a few smart safety tips to achieve that objective.

Proper Training

No matter how much money you invest in making the floor safer, if the workers are not trained to keep themselves out of harm’s way, things will probably go bad! Provide all new recruits with a proper level of training at the start itself to inform them about each and every corner of the warehouse, so that they will be ready by the time they start work. In addition to this, hold periodic training sessions to inform workers about everything that is new on the floor and prepare them to perform their responsibilities in the safest manner possible.

Set the Essentials in Place

Unlike in a conventional office environment where the worst of injuries may result from bad posture, warehouses are constantly swarming with sources of great potential danger. To ensure this risk is mitigated, there are several essential steps that must be taken by every manager before resorting to more serious measures. Start by distinctly separating the areas where forklifts and other heavy machinery operate from pedestrian walkways using the highest quality safety rails Melbourne city has to offer to prevent possible injuries from collision and falling cargo loads. Emergency exits, pathways and other safety directions must be made visible to all the workers, no matter where they are using brightly coloured signage and tapes. The stairways must be built with increased friction and the employees must be provided with footwear with better grip to prevent slips.

Usage of Proper Protective Equipment (PPE)

As per global safety standards, all individuals operating in a warehouse must use the recommended protection gear at all times, regardless of how easy or simple the task may be. From hard hats to protective gloves to safety goggles, all the gear must be with workers at any given time, and they must keep the gear clean and well maintained. Special care must be taken when getting on and off heavy machinery when lifting heavy loads and walking up and down stairways.

Conduct a Safety Audit

Safety audits are the best way to keep your workforce safe from dangers in the long-run by checking all components of the warehouse for potentially dangerous working conditions beforehand so that they can be prevented before it’s too late. These audits can be formed daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly according to the specific size and requirement of the establishment. From testing the functionality of stationary machines to determining the extent to which the walkways can get cluttered, the audit will generate a comprehensive report to minimize storehouse accidents by a considerable proportion.


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