Interesting Statistics about Visual Marketing Trends Brands Should Know About

If content is not visual, as in the form of images or video, then the overall strategy is not going to work very well. Visual content is highly important for driving traffic and engagement particularly on social media platforms. To optimise your visual content in the most effective manner possible, first your brand should know about what makes great and high converting visual content. Here is a list of important statistics regarding visual content all marketers should know about:

Video is King

The most prominent type of visual content is video. An overwhelming majority of online content, nearly over 70 percent, is now made up of video. The number is expected to increase in the coming years. To understand the importance of video, think YouTube. The once popular video sharing site is now the second most powerful search engine on the internet.

Consumers Prefer to Watch Explanations

Over four times as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read an article about the product, according to market research. Therefore, marketers can benefit more by producing explainer videos than spending time writing white papers or listicles. While written articles still have an important role to play in content marketing, video is simply better for driving conversions. Local brands should invest in expert video content marketers like Thenatives ecommerce agency to balance our articles verses video and focus on what’s really important.

Even Using the Word “Video” Leads to Higher Conversions

Want people to open marketing emails your company sends? Then use the word “video” in the subject line. Surveys have shown that including “video” in email subjects sends click through rates over the roof by over 60 percent.

Readers Spend More Time on Images

What do readers pay most attention to in articles? The pictures, apparently, as shown by numerous eye-tracking studies. If articles have images, or if information is carried in images (infographics, obviously), then readers spend more time looking at the visuals. They barely read the page but they do spend time looking at the visuals.

Infographics Get Higher Shares on Social Media

Want people to share or like an article? Then make it an infographics. According to data, infographics are the most liked and shared type of content on social media.

People are Better at Following Visual Illustrations

Compared to people who follow only written instructions, people are over 300 times more likely to accurately follow instructions with illustrations. If your brand needs to instruct web users or consumers to take an action, use an image with the text for better engagement.

To understand the importance of visual content, remember this fact: People remember only 10 percent of auditory content (stuff they hear) three days after first hearing about it. But if an image is paired with the sound, then over 60 percent of the same people remember the content three days later. We are programmed innately to respond to visual cues. Therefore, keep the above statistics in mind and craft a great visual content marketing strategy to increase sales once and for all.

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