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How to Increase Engagement and User Retention in Your Application

It is very easy to believe that the acquisition of users is the one core metric that is needed to determine how successful a mobile application is but if you do not have any active users, the fact that you have very high download rates will actually not amount to anything. The application engagement levels and the retention level of users are two completely different metrics but each of them will give you really important insight on how successful the application really is. So here are some of the ways you can think about increasing the engagement and the retention of your mobile application.

Make the Start Easy

You and your chosen app designers Sydney should make it a priority to ensure that the onboarding process or starting to use the application for the first time needs to be easy. If there is high difficulty levels, too many steps needed in order for you to join, too much information asked and if there are unnecessary functions and features that may clutter the whole thing, users will simply abandon their efforts to even install the application. Remember that the first impression you make will last a long time and that nothing can be done if you mess that up. Make sure that logging in and creating an account is very simple and easy with multiple options for each. Then you can also stop trying to feed too much information to the user and simply offer the insight they need when and if they want to use those features.

Make Use of ‘Push Notifications’

If you already have hired a good app development Adelaide Company they will be able to tell you that using push notifications tend to increase the retention rates of your application. The users that agree to receive these push notifications also give you a lot more engagement than those that opt not to get them. These services are very particular and important. It will help to remind you that there are users who have downloaded and are using your application. It will help you to capture the interest and the attention of the user and direct them immediately to the application in order to perform a function that has been indicated.

Personalize the Mobile Feature

The fact that personalization will give the users a more unique and relative experience that they can connect with perhaps one of the biggest things to keep in mind when you build an application. If the application can be aligned as much as possible with the likes and dislikes as well as the requirements of the users you have a better chance of not only retaining them but also at engaging with them more than usual. The current day applications that you see will not be giving a general approach to everyone. Instead they will customize the UX as much as possible so that the customer feels valued. Use the notification feature to send push notifications that will cater to the interests of the users wherever possible.

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