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How to Find the Right Tax Accountant

Whether you’re a wealthy business owner or a simple worker, you can definitely enjoy lots of benefits when you hire a tax accountant. They are the experts when it comes to managing and preparing your taxes especially if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself. Tax accountants can also help you out when your financial status is a little complicated or problematic. Aside from that, they can also assist you when you just opened your business, bought a property, or anything that has taxes involved. Here are some tips to help you choose the right accountant for your needs.

What to Look For In a Tax Accountant

When choosing a tax accountant, see to it that you pick one that is experienced in dealing with financial situations similar to yours. For example, if you’re being audited make sure to choose one who is an expert in auditing. That way, you can be assured that your finances are properly handled and managed.

Ask for referrals from your family and friends when finding an accountant. These are most likely unbiased opinions which give you an idea about the work quality a certain accountant can offer. Gather referrals and create a short-list from your preferred ones. Don’t hesitate to change an accountant if you aren’t satisfied with their service or they can’t provide the help you need. If there’s something unusual with your current financial situation, ask the accountant first if he could handle those kinds of issues before hiring one.

Types of Tax Professionals

There are different types of tax professionals that are suited to certain responsibilities.

  • Enrolled Agent – An enrolled agent or EA are the experts when it comes to complex financial situations. If you are fighting for an audit, EAs can represent you in the IRS.
  • CPAs – CPAs or Certified Public Accountants have a license related to their field. Their field of specialization in mainly accounting and some of them can also perform tax accounting if necessary. Visit our site for expert advice on your Tax Accounts Geelong and find a certified accountant to handle your financial issue.
  • Tax Attorney – They are lawyers who are specializing in taxation and the tax law. If you’re facing legal matters regarding your tax returns or other related problems, a tax attorney is what you need the most.

Performing a Background Check

After interviewing your prospects, don’t forget to do a quick background check before choosing one. Looking up the accountant’s name over the internet is one way to gain insight about the quality of his service. Client reviews can also give you an idea if he’s really good in his field of expertise or not. Make sure to check if his license is active and if he has a clear record in his disciplinary actions.

Tax accountants are really a great help when it comes to managing our financial issues. Be sure to find the right one who can handle your current financial situation to be assured that everything goes smoothly and well.


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