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How To Better Control Your Thoughts And Feelings

Your thoughts and feelings dictate your actions and how you behave to a great extent. Learning how to keep your emotions at bay is not exactly a good approach to gaining some control over them. We are human and we are always overflowing with emotions. The idea is to understand your emotion better and anticipate them to a certain extent, this way you can have the upper hand and be able to better maintain them. You can be the one to control your actions rather than allowing your emotions to take its turn.

You know what they say about allowing your emotions to run the course, possibly all actions taken from emotional stress will be regretted at some stage in your life. The logic to this is that when we are overwhelmed with emotions. The decisions we make through excellence academy at that instant are purely based on what you feel at that particular moment and once these emotions change, you will be left feeling unsatisfied with the results of our actions. Here are some ways you can avoid situations like this.

Be Rational To A Certain Extent

Suppose someone has caused you some emotional pain, let’s say your best friend or your partner or your siblings or anyone close. Rather than lashing out on them for the pain they have caused you, you could sit back and take a minute to yourself to rationally think why they could have done what they did. You could also directly talk to them to understand why they did what they did if this seems a bit uncomfortable you can always not do that.

Try to think from their point of view and if it seems rather logical or justifiable from their side, you can reduce the amount of pain you are feeling mentally. However, if their reasons don’t seem justifiable, you can decide if you want to be controlled by the pain they have caused which in turn means you are giving some sort of control to them or do you want to be the one in control and not be too taken aback by the painful feelings. Trying to see things rationally will make your life so much better.

Seek Guidance

Getting help is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to problems with the mind. This is so because your mind is essentially the thing that controls all our actions. There are many professionals out there that help in training your mind. Some of the best NLP training has resulted in unbelievable results where people have managed to train their mind to live successful and fulfilling lives not controlled by their emotions. This type of training will enable you to be more at peace with yourself and with the things that are happening around you. If you have inner peace then the external calamities can be overcome quite easily.

Knowing That Every Bad Thing Has An End

Sometimes if you are exposed to great sadness, it may feel like the end of the world. Like there is no hope left in doing anything. In times like these, it is crucial to keep reminding yourself constantly that there is an end to every sadness, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and hope is never lost. If you make your mindset to follow that kind of thinking, your pain or sadness will be lessened and you will regain the strength to move on and eventually be happy.


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