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How to Achieve an Eco-Friendly Home

In a world filled with high technology innovations, everything we do is easier and more convenient. However, most people often forget how to use energy more efficiently. There are actually so many little ways to be more energy efficient while living conveniently in our homes. Make your home eco-friendlier with these simple tips.

Lowering the Thermostat

It might not be obvious but lowering your home thermostat when you’re not at home actually cuts down on your electric bill. By doing this, you are also helping the environment by consuming lesser energy. Aside from being eco-friendly, you can also save some money when paying bills. If you’re looking for other ways to save on the electric bill and be more energy efficient, visit website for helpful information.

Try Composting

Biodegradable or organic waste materials such as food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels can be turned into fertilizer through composting. You don’ need a wide space to make one. You can even do it in a canister or a container and leave the waste to decompose on their own. Aside from reducing the amount of waste you release daily, you are also helping nature by giving back nutrients to the soil.

Choose Low Flow Showerheads

Almost everyone loves to take a shower especially after a long and tiring day. To reduce your water consumption, install low-flow showerheads rather than the regular ones. Water supply is a problem in some places in the world so it should never be wasted.

Window Sealing

Another cause of extra energy consumption is the leaks in your window. Cover cracks and holes immediately with silicone caulk so they don’t worsen. If you feel the outdoor weather seeping into your home, consider weather-stripping your windows. By sealing your home, you can help maintain the indoor temperature so your heater or air conditioner won’t be working overtime.

Minimize the Use of Heater

On chilly times, one of the best ways to keep warm is to turn on your home heater. However, these devices consume a lot of energy, making your electric bill soar high. Choose an energy-efficient model when shopping for heaters or you can just simply invest in blankets and warm clothing instead.

Use Water Wisely

Another way to make an eco-friendly home is the wise use of water. Avoid wasting it by leaving the tap running while brushing or doing something. Showers uses less water than baths that’s why skipping the tub is great to save water. Also, make sure to make the most out of the water you use in the washing machine. Full loads wash more clothes than a half load but both of them use the same amount of water.

Choose Eco-Friendly Lighting

Incandescent bulbs are already out from the trend. Modern lighting options such as LED and CFL lights are great choices to save on your electric bill. Aside from lesser energy consumption, these types of lights also last longer – there’s a lesser need for replacements.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle benefits both us and the nature. Start living in a greener way now.


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