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Do You Want To Be An Electrician? Here’s What You Need To Know

Pursuing a career to be an electrician includes getting a basic education, apprenticeship and licensure or certification. It might sound and look difficult but even if you are starting from scratch, a career in this reliable trade is actually viable.

If you are really decided to become one in the future, know that becoming a good electrician with all its benefits entail becoming a specialist in the field.

You Need To Have Basic Education

You would not be able to have a career as an electrician if you have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. If you don’t have this yet, this is the first step you must accomplish. Focus on special courses particularly math to help you in the future as an electrician since math is often involved in this field. You would be using algebra and trigonometry to measure the length of cables and wires, to compute for the electrical current’s force, etc. Of course, you must not neglect English since communication skills is one of the qualities you must have to be qualified and sought after electrician. There are other schools that offer online classes for you to earn your high school diploma at your convenience.

You Need To Consider Pre-Apprenticeship Training

After you earned your high school diploma, consider getting apprenticeship training from reliable institutions since this would be your advantage over others who are also planning to be electricians. Electrical trade and technical schools or vocational colleges often offer pre-apprenticeship programs that would ease you into the career before applying for paid apprenticeship since it might be a requirement for licensure or certification.

When you do pre-apprenticeship training, you might be given the change to do hands-on training, you would learn about national and international electric code, workplace safety, and other relevant information you need to know. Having the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience would help your application for paid apprenticeship training to become an electrician in Bayswater.

Looking for paid apprenticeship opportunities is tough but knowing where to look for these opportunities would help you land that chance. Search for it on online job boards and classified ads. Check also electrical organizations and associations since they might be knowledgeable of where you could apply for a paid apprenticeship.

You Need To Get A License Or A Certificate (As Required)

To be a qualified electrician, you need to obtain a license or a certificate. After you finish your apprenticeship, inquire how you would be a licensed or certified electrician especially if it is a requirement for you to perform electrical work or if electrical companies require it for their electricians.

When you begin your journey to becoming a licensed electrician, you need to be patient since training as an electrician could last until nine months through a trade school. Waiting for apprenticeship opportunities might also take time since openings might not be frequent and you have to compete with others. However, if you have finished all the steps and you became a licensed electrician, you would soon benefit from a good wage which could go as high as $50 or more per one hour’s worth of work.


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