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Critical Skills You Need for Work Place Advancement

To make your career a success and advance in the workplace, you need a set of key skills to make it work. Without these, you’re bound to run into some frustrating standstills as no one will recognize the potential that lies within you. Here’s a list of critical skills that superiors usually look for in the workplace- identify which ones are most suited to your lines and depending on where you are in our journey, start working on them!


The ability to persuade is undoubtedly a powerful tool that will help you when pitching an idea, talking to clients or even to your boss. But we’re talking on a more home-hitting level of using it to build rapport. Using persuasion and subtle influence, you can make people feel good about themselves and show them that you are there to serve. You need to know what reaches their heart and drives them and then use it in conversation. Then you need to learn when to flaunt your achievements. While no one likes that employee who brags too much, the occasional flaunting does no harm and in fact gets you recognition. Thirdly, learn how to back all your cases on research and evidence so that you have strong logical reasoning by your side at all times.

Emotional intelligence

You want to be at the top of the chain someday, which is why you’re reading this. You have a thirst for success and that’s great! But don’t be blind to your faults. The best of leaders understands where exactly they need to improve and as much as they might not like to hear it- it’s an absolute must. So, accepting the occasional feedback will go a long way in understanding where you need to improve specifically for your career advancement. People with high emotional intelligence are usually very socially aware of themselves and your accepting self-awareness- of both the negative and positive is one of the best gifts you can have.

Technologically adept

In a world where everything is run off technology, you need to be on par with your adeptness. If your boss decides to invest in good office equipment, that means you have everything in your control to boost your performance. Be tech-savvy and work this to your advantage. It might even put you in a higher position than most if you learn enough. But don’t let your knowledge in handling equipment have you acting as a call dog for all those experiencing difficulties. Know when to say no and that you have work to see to.

Conflict Management

Business performance is best when its workforce works harmoniously. A rift in this can cause many issues so this is one critical skill that ideally any employee should be capable of harnessing. Resolve conflicts in a highly professional manner, by presenting facts civilly and having the opposite side presenting their facts in an equal manner. There should be no rowdy behaviour in the workplace.


Many employees and employers face high levels of stress. It’s a prevalent issue amongst organizations that isn’t given as much thought as it should. This is why you need to develop resilience and take care of your mental health.

Choose any of these skills and perfect them! Then move on to the next! They will undeniably open a plethora of opportunities for you and advance your growth in no time!

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