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5 Bad Practices That Could HurtYour Online Reputation

Creating an online social account to represent your brand or image is easy. You enter your necessary information, including a verified email address. Once your application has been approved, you can now personalize your account by uploading pictures and completing your “about us” section to let people know you. With that process, you can create multiple accounts in one sitting. However, the easier to create a fresh new report, the faster you can stain your reputation as a social influencer.

If you are planning to be a social influencer for various cause, you should be aware that there are five bad practices that you should avoid to avoid backlash from millions of netizens. These are:

Buying Followers And Likes From Agencies

There’s a lot of agencies nowadays who sell followers and likes to help boost the online presence of a social influencer. Sometimes it helps, but most of the times, it won’t. The social media expertssocial community is highly trusted and can quickly identify if your influencers are fake or not. With counterfeit followers and likes, you will not be able to determine how many people know you and your work. You can notice this when you post your latest gig. If that post didn’t reach even 75% of your total followers or page likers, it’s already a red flag that your page and your cause are fake.

Using Too Much Auto-Posting Social Media Tools

It’s a good practice to have a tool that you can use to schedule your post every day. However, too much social media posting tools could hurt your reputation as a spammy influencer or fake news provider. Some tools require posting of their content in exchange for the ‘free’ use of their software. But, if you are not keen enough to read each content you have to share along with your post, you will never know that you’re also promoting other people’s brand. Worst, your competitor could be one of those.

FollowingMore People Than Having Followers Of Your Own

Associal media specialists Melbourne   say, it’s understandable that you tend to follow a specific figure as your role model. However, it could have a negative impact on your page if the number of people you follow is greater than the number of people who support your page. Although this inevitable for someone new to this industry, it does more harm than benefit to your page. It would only mean that the content you provide is dull or uninteresting which results to least follow-backs.

Hiring A Social Media Manager That Has Less Experience

Given that you have a busy schedule and you need someone to look after your activity online, it is best to hire a social media manager that has experience in managing your post, proofreading your post, skilled in editing pictures, as well as knowledgeable in dealing with your fans and clients. Hiring a less experienced SocMed manager could only hurt your image online, so might as well screen your applicants how much they know about managing social media accounts

These are some of the wrong ways to avoid to maintain your reputation online.


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