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4 Tips for Making Your Drop-Shipping Business a Success

Drop shipping is an ecommerce business model that doesn’t require you to spend money on storing and maintaining inventory. Here’s how it works:

You put up an online retail website, listing the products you wish to sell. Typically, these are products from suppliers from marketplaces like Ali Baba or AliExpress. When a customer purchases a product from your website, the order is forwarded to the actual supplier, who will then ship directly to the customer.

How do you earn a profit? You earn a profit by selling the items at a higher mark-up than the product actually goes for.

The drop-shipping model is great for people who want to get started as entrepreneurs as the barrier of entry is pretty low. It doesn’t take much of an investment and it’s fairly easier to manage than a regular brick and mortar store. So if you want to get started with your own drop-shipping tore, here are some tips to help you make it a success:

Stick to One Niche

There are several benefits to running a niche store as opposed to a general one. First of all, it takes less effort to research products and put them up on your store. Furthermore, you’ll be able to stick to just a couple of suppliers most of the time, which makes it so much easier to manage.

Niche drop-shipping stores are much easier to scale as well, since you’re only focused on a very limited product range. 

List Popular Items

The quickest way to earn a profit is to list items that are easy to sell. With a little bit of research, you can easily find what customers are buying these days.

For instance, you can use tools like Google trends or Adwords to find out what customers are searching for in a specific niche. Even simpler, you can go to the marketplace where your suppliers are and sort products in a niche by the number of sales.

Have a Capable Back-End

Drop-shipping businesses become very easy to run when you have a capable backend. Shopify is probably the most popular drop-shipping platform and for good reason. It provides you with all the tools necessary, from building your website to satisfying orders and rolling out customer support.

Shopify is easy for amateurs to use but if you want deep customizations done to your website/process, we highly recommend you find a capable Shopify developer Melbourne-based or elsewhere.

Create a Brand

The best way to draw more customers to your business is to give it a personality. Creating a brand is all about creating an identity and we recommend constructing one that resonates well with your target audience.

‘What does your brand stand for?’ – That’s the question you should be asking. For instance, if you’re drop-shipping women’s leggings perhaps your brand can encourage physical fitness or stand for feminism. You don’t have to stand for things that you don’t personally believe in. In fact, your brand will sound way more genuine if the opposite is true!

If you’re looking to get started as an entrepreneur, the drop-shipping business model is a great first step. The above tips should help put you on the right track to making your first attempt at running a business a success.


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